Distributor and Representative for Pharmaceuticals Products.

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Agencias Celmar, S.A. was founded in 1987 in the Republic of Panama, from a group of professionals with a vast experience in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. We are in the business of representation, sales and distribution of pharmaceutical and medical… Read More

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Agencias Celmar, S.A. offers its registration department to our business associates to facilitate and minimized the time required for a product to be sold in our region. This department is run by professionals in the pharmaceutical field, specialized in sanitary and health registration… Read More

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Agencias Celmar, Inc. socially responsible company, recognizes the work done by each of its employees who ultimately make possible the growth of the company. Therefore, maintaining a continuous training program with all staff, focused on strengthening the civic and moral values, and the… Read More

Human albumin for restoration and maintenance of circulating

  Human prothrombin complex concentrate containing

  High-purity human antithrombin III concentrate for

Is a pharmaceutically licensed, solvent/detergent treated,

    Is a pharmaceutically licensed,

Rhesonativ® anti-D immunoglobulin for intramuscular

Gammanorm® 16.5% (165 mg/ml) normal immunoglobulin for

Liquid, ready-to-use IVIG with a 2 year shelf-life at room

High-purity human Factor IX concentrate with two independant

High-purity human von Willebrand Factor (VWF)/Factor VIII